• Corner lounger: 400L beans/350L beans & 100L KKUSO premium filling
  • Lounger: 350L beans/300L beans & 100L KKUSO premium filling
  • Ottoman: 300L beans/250L beans & 100L KKUSO premium filling
  • We offer two options for our beanbags:

The "COVER ONLY" option does not include any filling. However, you can purchase beans separately from Big W and Kmart, which cost only $11 per 100L. We highly recommend purchasing the cover with KKUSO PREMIUM BEAN BAG FILLING. This filling can be blended with bean bag beads to achieve unparalleled comfort and support, elevating your sitting experience to the next level. 


The "FILLED BEANBAG" is already filled with a blend of beans and KKUSO PREMIUM BEAN BAG FILLING which consist of shredded foam and natural latex, providing a luxurious and hassle-free lounging experience. Not only this can minimize the squeezy sound of beads, but also add a bouncy feature to your bean bag. Choose this option to experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

  • Everyday use may cause the filling to shrink over time. Refill your bag entirely or top it up.