Can You Sleep on a Bean Bag? Ultimate Sleep Comfort Guide

When it comes to versatile and cozy furniture, bean bags have taken the interior design world by storm. Originally designed as casual seating options, these squishy and comfortable bags have become more than just another thing to sit on. And one question that many people now have is “Can you sleep on a bean bag?” In this article, we’ll go through all you need to know about bean bag comfort, suitability for sleeping, and how to make your sleeping experience better.

The Comfort of Bean Bags

can you sleep on a bean bag

Cozy and comfortable, bean bags can be great for sleeping on

The first part of answering the question of ‘can you sleep on a bean bag’ is to find out about their comfort. They’re famous for their unique and outstanding levels of comfort. The fillings inside, whether it's made from polystyrene beads, memory foam, or shredded foam, mould to your body. 

This means they give you a feeling of support and coziness like nothing else, adapting to your exact body shape. And it’s this adaptability that’s made bean bags so popular not only as seating, but also as lounging spaces for relaxation, reading, and yes – even sleeping.

Bean Bags and Sleep

The question of whether you can sleep on a bean bag is a valid one. And to answer this, it’s important to know a few things. 

First, these pieces of furniture are best suited to back and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, lay on one for a long time (try an hour) and see how you feel. Second, take a short nap on one to see how your body reacts to the softness.

After taking these steps, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you want to continue using yours for sleep. We’ll also go through some tips later in this article about ways to make your sleep on one better according to your preferences.

Advantages of Sleeping on a Bean Bag

Comfortable Support 

can you sleep on a bean bag

A bean bag chair moulds to your body that is unlike anything else

Bean bags provide a unique kind of support that conforms to your body shape. Because of this, they distribute your weight evenly and can help relieve pressure points. All this adds up to them having the ability to reduce bodily pain in certain situations and allow for better quality sleep.


For homes with limited space, a bean bag can be an excellent option. They’re also great to serve as a temporary sleeping solution for yourself or guests. They are easy to move around and can be put in various positions, allowing you to find the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Ideal for Napping

Bean bags are great for quick power naps because of their relaxed and supportive nature. Whether you're a student pulling an all-nighter or a busy professional needing a break, they provide a cozy spot to get quick sleep.

Enhancing Your Bean Bag Sleeping Experience

Keen to give bean bag sleeping a try? Here are some tips to make the experience as comfortable as possible:

Choose the Right Bean Bag 

can you sleep on a bean bag

Pay attention to the shape, size and material of the bean you want to sleep on

Bean bags come in different shapes, sizes and materials. For sleeping, we recommend one in a bigger size with thick yet breathable cover material and a mixed bean, shredded foam and latex fill. The thicker material and the mixed filling will give extra support for your body, and a bigger size helps distribute your body weight better. 

Layering With Accessories

If you feel like your bean bag isn’t giving you enough support for a full nights sleep, try placing a mattress topper over it. The extra support it offers can be the difference between it being comfortable or unforgettable for your body. Alternatively, a soft blanket over the top can also work. And to keep you warm, a good quality blanket over the top of your body is great to keep you warm and make it feel similar to sleeping on a normal mattress.

Pillows and Cushions 

Use pillows and cushions to provide extra support for your head, neck, and back. This can help improve your sleeping posture and overall comfort. And due to the softness of your bean bag, using a firmer pillow is recommended.

Temperature Control 

If temperature regulation is a concern, choose a bean bag with a breathable cover and use lightweight blankets to avoid overheating. This includes fabric, wool or other woven materials. You can however still try using a leather style of bean bag cover to sleep on if that feels comfortable for you.

Our Top Recommendations

KKUSO Premium Filled Bean Bag - BOBO

can you sleep on a bean bag

With options for a 4-piece set, this customisable and supremely comfy bean bag lounger is perfect to sleep on

The Bobo bean bag lounger is not only stylish and comfortable, but it’s large enough to double as a sleeping bed. Made with boucle, this bean bag set is soft, durable and breathable all at the same time for a comfortable night’s rest. It’s also easy to clean, with the boucle covers being both machine washable and dry cleanable for maximum ease of cleaning. 

The customisable bean bag lounger is customisable too, with options to choose from individual pieces or up to 3 different sets. The best choice for sleeping is Set 3, which comes with all individual pieces of the lounger. This allows you to configure it to your liking, taking or adding pieces to fit your body height and sleeping needs. And the Bobo can also come prefilled with premium bean bag filling that combines beans, shredded foam and natural latex for the ultimate in comfort.

Pair the Bobo with a KKUSO Wave Faux Fur Throw Blanket

can you sleep on a bean bag

The imitation rabbit fur on this blanket is plush and makes for a luxurious sleeping experience

The perfect accessory when you go to buy a bean bag to sleep on is a soft blanket. And the Wave Faux Fur Throw Blanket is the perfect pairing for your comfy bean bag chair to sleep on. This weighted blanket provides a comforting weight that makes it irresistible to cuddle with, feeling like a warm hug from your favourite person. 

The fluffy imitation rabbit fur is also super plush and provides enough warmth to keep you toasty during colder nights, without making you sneeze. And better yet, this blanket is made without any formaldehyde, sensitising dyes, or carcinogenic aromatic amines, making it safe for your body to touch!

Tie It All Together With a KKUSO Wave Faux Fur Cushion 

can you sleep on a bean bag

These cushions are great both when sleeping and sitting

To provide some support for your head and neck, grab a Wave Faux Fur Cushion to sleep with. Not only will this cushion be useful when you sit on your Bobo bean bag lounger, but it also acts as a great pillow for sleeping on. 

Stack them for increased height and neck support, or use some to snuggle with as a luxurious body pillow. And being made of the same material and available in the same colours as the Faux Fur Throw Blanket, you can also mix and match them to suit whatever look you’re going for. 

The Perfect Nights Sleep is Waiting For You!

To answer your question of ‘Can you sleep on a bean bag’, yes you definitely can. They’re supremely comfortable pieces of furniture that can double as a convenient bed, and there are a number of things you can to better tailor them for ultimate sleeping. And to get the best sleep, we recommend the KKUSO Bobo bean bag lounger set with premium filling to get the best sleep from a bean bag. Head over to our website now and shop for your ultimate bean bag for sleeping now!